Our mission

We are a technology company fully focus into providing web businesses with unparalleled hihg-performance WordPress hosting solutions.

A short story about us:

It all started in 2010 when Tim needed to find a way to host his clients’ mission-critical websites. He wanted a high-performance WordPress hosting environment that was fast, reliable, scalable, and secure, and easy for the end-user to maintain.

A veteran hosting provider and an innovative tech professional, he concluded that if there were no such stack, he would build one from scratch – and a cause was born.

Tim organized a team of developers and tech professionals to start testing and combining open-source and proprietary technologies to find potential solutions. More people became involved, but it soon became apparent that such an innovative stack would have to include custom solutions.

After a few years of development and testing, Tim and his team managed to create a new, highly sophisticated technology stack with all the necessary properties for new WordPress hosting. They offered the solution mentioned above to a small but select group of customers, from startups to governmental institutions.

At the end of 2019, an entrepreneur named Vlad was searching for an innovative WordPress platform for his website development agency when he stumbled upon a forum post by Tim about this new tech stack. After lengthy discussions, it became clear that this technology had the potential to deliver an all-in-one solution for companies of all sizes.

Choosing the company name was not an easy task since we wanted it to be something meaningful. We thus chose the Irish word for dream or vision: Aisling (pronounced ASH-ling). 

Meet the team

We are proud to provide the most innovative turnkey WordPress hosting solutions in the industry.

Tim Cevirgen

Founder &  CEO

Vladislav Velichkov

Co-Founder & Global Marketing Operations

Ashwini Kumar

Senior Cloud Engineer

Mahesh Simewar

Project Manager

Sharique Zia

Social Media Expert


Bella Thompson

SEO expert

Soumya Das

System Administration

Milin Shah

Customer Relations


Yash Shah

Customer Relations


Ready to move forward?

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