Our server technology is developed specifically to deliver outstanding results for your business.

WordPress Optimized

Aisling’s cloud servers are highly tuned and optimized to make your websites lightning fast, secure, and flexible.

High Availability​

Our SLA guarantees 99.95% uptime (99.99% on Enterprise plans). Your mission-critical websites will always be online no matter what.

High-Performance Platform

Amazing content delivery speeds, with multiple load-balanced and synchronized nodes in separate zones to maximize uptime and concurrent connections.

Premium DNS​

We provide you with premium Domain Name Servers (DNS) service from the start, which gives your websites additional speed boost, less load times and increased security.

Malware Detection & Clean-up

We scan websites on our platform daily for backdoors, malware, and other security risks. If your website gets hacked, we will clean up your website at no charge.

Built-in Caching

Properly cached websites help reduce load times by identifying data that is frequently loaded and for instant availability.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Your site speed will be consistent, no matter where your audience is. Our free CDN makes your website a global home. Some restrictions may apply.

Zero-Downtime Migration

Do you have an existing website? We will make our best effort to transfer your website to our server for free, with no downtime!

Powered by Amazon AWS

We are a proud Amazon AWS partner. Our entire infrastructure is covered by their reliable, bulletproof services.

Headless WordPress

With great pride, we offer our unique decoupled WordPress setup. By using our serverless WP custom-built solutions, you increase the security, scalability, and loading speed of your websites.

Blazing-fast Speeds For Your WordPress Website

Enjoy faster loading speeds for your websites thanks to our low-density servers, premium hardware, and multiple server locations for optimal latency.

Our technology stack makes your website blazingly fast, helping you deliver a unsurpassed user experience and ranking your website higher in the search engines.

Fort Knox–Level Security to Protect Your Data

We’ve got you covered! Keeping your website secure from attacks is no longer a nightmare when you’re with Aisling. We ensure your website security with our custom-designed firewall.

Our real-time server monitoring ensures that your websites are always up and running. Besides providing HTTPS encryption, we protect your site against garbage traffic with our free CDN and daily backups so you can feel confident about your data.

Technical Highlights:

– Separate availability zones
– Up to 5 database nodes
– SSH + database access
– Optimized Redis Object Cache
– PHP 7 + HTTP/3
– Global caching available
– Premium network with 100% uptime SLA
– Staging environment

Priority Support from WordPress Experts

We believe our exceptional support is among our greatest strengths. Our skilled and passionate experts have more than 20 years of WP development and hosting experience and take great pride in providing world-class support to every customer.

Whether you’re running a small blog or a multimillion dollar business website, it’s important that you get the help you need, whenever you need.


Robust Support

You are in the capable hands of WordPress Business hosting experts! Our support team will resolve any kind of issue quickly by LiveChat, email, social networks, and ticketing system.

99.95% Uptime

Our intrepid system administrators will keep your setup online under all circumstances! Our Enterprise plans have 99.99% uptime. Premium DNS with 100% SLA uptime included in all plans.

Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our top priority and we're confident you'll be pleased with our services. Still, if you try us and decide your account does not sufficiently meet your needs, you can cancel within 30 days for a refund.


The WordPress content management system is a web development platform. It is currently powering more than one-third of all websites in the world! The advantage is that WordPress makes it easy to build your website, even if you’re not technical, providing countless choices of plugins and themes. You can literally build your first website in less than an hour! The disadvantage is that your WordPress website must be constantly updated to stay safe from hackers, and if your website is not managed properly or is on the wrong platform, it will get slower and slower.

Managed WordPress hosting removes all the hassle of maintaining your  website security and updates, at both the application and server levels. It has only recently been added as a solution in the tech world.

Aisling.io’s services are unique, because we develop our tech stack with custom-coded solutions that ensure your website will be fast, reliable, secure, and scalable, but still easy for you to use!

Of course! Just reach out to us and we’ll migrate your website to our platform with zero downtime. This service is free for our customers, and no additional payment will be required.

We are not going to lie: there are many WordPress hosting solutions on the market. But, unlike most of them, our hosting setup is custom coded and we are not reselling you someone else’s servers and technology!

You should choose Aisling.io if your business needs:

– Fast, consistent loading times with geographic data distribution to closest end-user locations for faster content delivery
– Built-in content delivery network, free on all platforms
– Built-in enterprise-level security
– Premium domain name services
– 99.95% server uptime (99.99% uptime SLA for Enterprise and Government plans)
– WordPress expert support
– Ready-to-install plugins
– Ready-to-install themes
– Fast website deployment (under 15 seconds to deploy a new WP website!)
– Ready-made premium templates in wide variety of niches.
– HIPAA compliant

We now also offer one-of-a-kind headless WordPress technology for your most sophisticated user needs.

In short, if you want your website to always be online, stable, dependable, and secure so you can focus on important business tasks, then choose Aisling.io.

Once you select your plan, you can either select one of our premium ready-made templates or you can start from scratch. 

Inside your WP administrator dashboard,  you will be are able to activate a wide variety of plugins and themes. Just choose your favorite page builder and start filling in the content.

Our Anti DDoS Technology protects against layer 3/4 attacks as well as layer 7 attacks which are much harder to detect and that target applications and web servers using only a small amount of bandwidth.

We protect your website against all types of attacks such as:
TCP SYN Flood, TCP ACK Flood, ICMP Echo Request Flood, TCP SYN-ACK, Reflection Flood (DRDoS), TCP IP Fragmented Attack, Intelligent HTTP and HTTPS Flood Attacks, TCP Spoofed SYN Flood, UDP Flood Attacks, DNS Amplification Attacks.

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