Here’s what our crazy radio spectrum looks like, in all its hidden beauty

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This gorgeous chart illustrates the intricacies of managing one of our nation’s most crucial—and invisible—national assets: the radio spectrum.

Somewhere above you right now, a plane is broadcasting its location, speed, and bearing on 1090 MHz. A geostationary weather satellite 22,000 miles from Earth is transmitting detailed weather maps on 1694.1 MHz. A car driving by your home is transmitting a signal with the pressure readout of one of its tires at 315 MHz. A GPS satellite flying overhead at 8,000 mph is pinging a signal to your phone at 1575.42 MHz. A data buoy bobbing in the Atlantic ocean transmits sea temperature, wave height, and wind speed readings to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration satellite at 401 MHz.

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