It’s time to nuke the microwave oven

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The ubiquitous kitchen appliance is a symbol of modern laziness and makes most food worse, so why is it having a renaissance?

Apparently, the microwave is having a moment. Not a New York Times trendiculous moment, but a real one, a bona fide renaissance of consumerist dumbness. Some thought the microwave was going to die in the mid-2010s—when sales were in free fall, dropping 25% compared to a decade earlier. But no, the infernal machine bounced back faster than the smell of reheated fish gets to Sharon’s olfactory cortex. You know Sharon, from accounting. One minute she is calmly eating her Chipotle burrito bowl 23 cubicles away from the office kitchenette, the next she is fantasizing about using her keyboard to smash that oven and whoever put the tilapia inside. Was it Steve per chance? Steve, I can’t blame her.

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