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Our custom built platform architecture exceeds the highest standards of WordPress hosting. 
There are billion of hosting companies out there, but nothing can match our advanced technology stack. 
You can read below what are the perks of using hosting.

High Performance

With our high-performance platform, your websites load super fast. This has positive impact on your business in a few directions:
Your visitors are impressed by yours websites speed ensuring the high quality of your business.
Scientific studies have shown that your conversion rate increases up to 15% for each second less loading times.
Not only that but as you know search engines like Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo rank higher websites with better speed. 

Enterprise-Level Security

Your website security is covered by advanced multi-layer data protection.
Bad bots filtering, DDOS, 0-day exploits, malicious attacks, bad IPs and viruses are blocked  before reaching your website and not going to hurt your business.
Beside our private in-house protection solutions, we also partner with well-known digital security professionals.
The frequent audits by security experts ensure that your data is always protected. 

Mission-Critical Reliability

Thanks to our custom developed load-balancing technology – your websites are always online, and always open fast!
We are dedicated to provide mission-critical reliability and high-availability WordPress platform providing Enterprises, Government and HIPAA certificated institutions with unmached performance.

Premium DNS Service

Your domains benefit from our premium domain name servers from the start, giving your websites additional speed, faster loading times, and tighter security.

Our domain name servers are one of the fastest in the worlds and come with 100% uptime guarantee!

Content Delivery Network

The built-in global multi content delivery network (CDN) ensures your website visitors will get the content in the fastest manner, from the geographically closest servers.

Our networks have nodes on all continents and majority of the countries.

Built-in Optimized Caching

The fastest in the world – LiteSpeed Enterprise Caching is available with every plan.
Highly tweaked Redis database caching will additionally improve the performance of your business.

The best WordPress caching solutions available at no additional cost make your websites load faster than ever.

BackUp And Staging

We do daily backups for your account, you can setup additional external backup solutions from inside your control panel.

One-click staging environment make your WordPress development a breeze. Test new versions, plugins and designs without touching your live site.
When satisfied with the results you can push your staging website to live with just a click.

Maintenance Free

No more need to spend additional for your technical infrastructure daily support.
No more worry about those tech tasks  – we make sure your server environment, WordPress versions and plugins are always up to date!

Focus on your business, leave the technical side for our WordPress experts to handle.

Technical stack optimized towards WordPress

We have built hosting specifically to deliver the best possible WordPress availability and performance for governments and businesses of all sizes.

All-in-one WordPress solution: fast infrastructure speeds, high-availability, enterprise-level security, extra-mile® WordPress support.

World class expert WordPress support

Our WordPress experts have over 20 years of experience in WordPress website development and hosting.
This expertise at your disposal – you never have to worry about technical or infrastructure issues that cannot be resolved in a timely manner.

The technical server stack is constantly tested to deliver a high-end, optimized WordPress experience.

In-House Developers

We do not work with seasonal staff or freelancers like most of the hosting companies do. 

For our technical setup maintenance we rely on in-house developers with proven high-technology skills and loyalty to our company privacy policies.

We  provide custom development, design and marketing work in case you need such powerful force to aadditionally empower your business.


Transparent Business

Our company is registered in Switzerland, ensuring a completely transparent business practices, including GDPR and privacy regulations. Custom located servers on every continent are available for yours company compliance with local laws and regulations.

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